For the most vulnerable in Africa, in particular children and the elderly, issues don’t come much bigger.  Poverty, sickness, bereavement, and lack of opportunity lead to a feeling of despair and hopelessness.  It’s as if the doors of their future have been firmly shut.  Tackling these challenges can feel like standing in the path of an unstoppable tide.


It’s as if an entire generation has seen the doors to the future firmly shut.

In Zambia there are

1.4 Million

orphans, in a population of 14 million

1 in every 4 households is a

Child Headed Home

with the child acting as the primary care giver.

Every week

2500 Zimbabweans

die from AIDS

The vision of CiCA UK is  to open doors and create hope, one child or family at a time to see lasting change effected.  It is our strategy to connect people across nations to enable them to make a big difference with whatever they have in their hands.  To join people’s hearts and give them the capacity to act in a way that makes life changing impact.

CiCA UK believes that even the longest journeys begin with a step.  And the steps that have been taken since 2001 have seen hundreds of lives impacted and changed for the better.  Hope has been born out of despair, and there are children and young people today looking forward to a future beyond their imaginations because others have been prepared to stand with them and to believe that their desperate circumstances should not dictate their ultimate destiny.

How Do We Do It?

We are an organisation working through the agency of local Christian churches, in particular, Lordsway Ministries.

However religious belief or church affiliation are never a factor in deciding who should be helped.

This means our work is administered effectively to ensure we reach the most needy and vulnerable children in any community