Transforming the lives of young women, simply.

Some challenges of poverty are obvious and others, not so much. Teenage girls have a lot to deal with as they grow, and the effects of their monthly cycle can adversely affect their education. Often girls will be forced to miss a week of school every month to cope with the reality of their period.

It is with this in mind that CiCA UK has launched the freedom project. In conjunction with a local supplier we have begun providing packs of re-usable sanitary towels, which can last a girl for two years. This provides freedom for girls to be in school, and to maintain happy and healthy lifestyles.

Our team also uses the opportunity to speak to girls about maintaining good hygiene, and also raising awareness of serious issues such as HIV and AIDS, and sexual abuse and exploitation. Our aim is to equip them with knowledge and confidence to live their lives in freedom, and empowered through self awareness.

A pack of sanitary towels for one girl costs just £4.00. Will you partner with us to transform the lives of young women – simply.

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CiCA UK deducts 5% from every donation to cover essential admin costs including the transfer of funds to Africa, where Gift Aid reclaims are made we allocate the refunds to the general fund to further the general aims and objectives of the charity.