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Beaded Christmas Tree

£ 10.00

Beautiful, hand made Christmas tree. This Christmas tree is made of wire and coloured beads and is a unique Christmas decoration.

Cushion Covers

£ 12.00

This is a set of 4 cushion covers, they are made from traditional ‘citenge’ material from Zambia. They will fit standard sized square cushions and are sure to brighten up any living room.

Dark Wood and Mahogany Bottle Openers

£ 3.00

Beautifully hand carved dark wood and mahogany bottle openers. These bottle openers are made in Zambia and are available in either dark wood or mahogany. These bottle openers are crafted from a single piece of wood with screws embedded on the underside to open bottles.

Dark Wood Bowls

£ 5.00

These are beautifully made, hand carved bowls made in Zambia. These bowls make a lovely ornament in almost any setting. The detail on these bowls varies.

Flip Flops

£ 20.00

Beautifully crafted pair of flip flops. The shoe is made from leather with an elegant bead design on the top. There are two variations of the shoes available, each variation is a different size.

Large Oval Bowl

£ 10.00

Beautiful, large oval shaped bowl. This bowl has been hand carved and hand decorated in Zambia and makes a great ornament or table center.

Large Tote Bag

£ 20.00

A large, beaded, hand crafted bag which would make an ideal beach bag. Beautifully made in Zambia, this bag has an innovative clasping system making sure that your belongings are secure and making this bag useful in almost any scenario.

Magazine Bangle

£ 1.50

Hand crafted bangles made in Zambia from recycled magazines. These bangles make a great accessory and are available in different variations.

Medium Round Bowl

£ 10.00

Small round, wooden bowl. This bowl has been hand carved and decorated in Zambia. The bowl is beautifully made and will look good in any setting.


£ 1.00£ 3.50

These notelets are blank, in packs of 5 and feature our photos from Zambia. Ideal for birthday cards, notes and letters. The notelets can be purchased individually for £1 each or in packs of 5 for £3.50. Each pack of 5 contains one of each design.

Oval Bowl

£ 5.00

These wooden, oval bowls are hand carved and hand decorated in Zambia. They are beautifully made and would look great in any setting.