We have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by our donors over the last 3 weeks. We launched our COVID response fund knowing that something had to be done.

This week we began distributing the funds raised. So far, we have sent enough money to Zambia to buy food for 120 families as well as masks, sanitiser and soap. We sent enough money to buy food for 20 families in Kenya. Distribution has begun in Zambia and this morning we received the report from Kenya on their distribution. This report really made me think about the effect that lockdown is having on people all around the world. 

Lockdown for me is ok, I get a little bit bored from time to time, I’ve managed to order myself a painting by numbers and I’m starting to learn Polish. Aside from the bouts of boredom it’s actually ok. I am in a house that is always at a comfortable temperature, I can go out for a walk if I want some fresh air and we have enough food to feed everyone in the household.

Reading the reports from Kenya made me realise just how fortunate I am. I want to share a few stories with you of the people you have helped in Kenya.



This is Sofia Bulimo, she is 91. She’s a widow from Kitale, Kenya. With no capability to generate her own income Sofia relies on the good will of her neighbours and those around her. They provide her food and help with her needs. However, as a result of the nationwide lockdown in Kenya those around her are barely able to feed their own families. This means, that sadly Sofia is left, alone and without food. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to provide Sofia with enough food to feed her for her a month.

This is Emily, she has a family and runs a small business to provide for them. As a result of the nationwide lockdown she has had to close her business, leaving her with no money to pay her rent, and no money to feed her family. Thankfully the Kenyan government have put measures in place to protect tenants at this time, and more importantly, thanks to you Emily and her family now have enough food to eat for a month.

This is Margaret, she makes a living by selling fruit. As a result of lockdown she is unable to sell fruit and therefore unable to generate income. She also has an underlying health condition. She is no longer able to provide food for her family. With your help, we have provided food for her family for the next month.

This is Fridah. Fridah, like so many others, is simply not able to provide food for her family. With your help Fridah is now able to feed her family for the next month.

The overwhelming trend is the same and sadly it is something that is affecting people the world over. People rely on small trading businesses to feed their families. Lockdown forces these people to close their businesses and therefore stems their only stream of income.

Thankfully cases of COVID 19 are low in these areas, however hunger is rife. With your help we can feed families in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Please consider donating any amount you can.

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