Just £20 a month changed Isaac’s life.

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Through the committed faithful giving of our sponsors over the years, hundreds of children have been educated, that would otherwise have had no opportunity.


Sponsor a Child

It’s as if an entire generation has seen the doors to the future firmly shut.

The vision of CiCA UK is  to open doors and create hope, one child or family at a time.

The vision of CiCA UK is  to open doors and create hope, one child or family at a time.

“Education is not filling a

pail but lighting a fire”

William Butler Yeats


Charles wants to be a nurse, will you help him achieve his dream?


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A Brighter Tomorrow

By investing in able and motivated young people we can be part of a powerful revolution.

Will you join with us as we get behind a generation of young people and enable them to step boldly into a brighter tomorrow?

Charity Begins With a Home

We want to raise funds to make people’s homes dry, secure and comfortable, whether by replacing roofs, carrying out essential repairs and ensuring that the family home is the heart of the good news we seek to bring.


#Dare2Dream is the name we have given to the team projects we operate in Zambia and other nations.  It represents opportunity not just to learn about and to invest in situations, but to actually go and be a part of the solution first hand.

Lean on Me

The principle of sponsorship is partnership at its very best. Opening doors and creating hope, taking the opportunity to have a life changing and lifelong impact on children we may never meet but who will always know the impact of simple kindness and faithful love.


The elderly are often those facing the most challenges as decreasing strength and ill health narrows their options for providing for themselves.