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Our COVID-19 rapid response page. Allows you to ‘purchase’ items (in the form of a donation) that you currently don’t need because of lockdown.

Donations received through this ‘shop’ will be put into a fund that will enable us to respond to hardship and crisis arising as a direct or indirect result of the global pandemic in the countries in which we are working.

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Transforming the lives of young women, simply.

Transforming the lives of young women, simply.

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Flower Power

I have discovered during this lockdown season, that I have a real love for gardening, amongst other things, like developing my basic piano skills and upcycling old ladders!  We moved into our current home about a year ago and have spent time unpacking (haven’t...

Walking In The View

It was 2009 when we made our decision to move from Zambia to Mexborough in South Yorkshire. Accommodation would obviously be a huge consideration when making the move across the world and searching for a home became quite an event especially for me. (I love trawling...

2020 The Year That Was Cancelled

“2020 needs to be reinstalled, this version has a virus”. There are so many posts circulating social media about how 2020 is such a crazy year, we would probably be best cancelling it and starting afresh. I agree with these posts often, when I look back on the months...

We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day

This week we heard of the tragic, untimely death of George Floyd. When these situations come up I find myself doing a lot of thinking, and as I’ve mentioned before I find it therapeutic to put my musings into words on paper.  If you haven’t heard of this case I’ll...

Generosity is a big piece of the jigsaw

On Friday I got a parcel. It was a jigsaw puzzle.  I had mentioned to someone during a phone conversation that as a family, during lockdown, we had developed this love for puzzles.  We have done quite a few. We ordered a couple online, three we got during a 2m social...

Out of Control

At the beginning of every year I always have a general idea of what the next 12 months will look like.  Not necessarily specifics, but enough for my mind to meander forward several weeks and months ahead of me, with mental lists of things to do or to get, in...

Rapid Response Update

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by our donors over the last 3 weeks. We launched our COVID response fund knowing that something had to be done. This week we began distributing the funds raised. So far, we have sent enough money to Zambia to buy food...

Unprecedented? Or Same Old, Same Old?

Unprecedented? Or same old, same old…? There is nothing else for most of us to think about than the strange and unusual circumstances forced on us by the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. The shock at the speed with which it has gone from being nothing at all to basically...

Coronavirus Rapid Response Fund Update

We have been running our Coronavirus Rapid Response fund for one week now and have been blown away by the response. Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have raised over £700, for which we are very grateful.  As the global pandemic ages by one more week the...

COVID Rapid Response Fund

This week while I was thinking about the subject of our blog I really wanted it to not be about COVID-19. I wanted to talk about something different. It seems to be all we talk about, but then again it is a pandemic that has gripped the world.  The centre of the...

Blind Spots

A few months ago I stopped listening to music on my daily commute, I instead began to listen to audiobooks and podcasts and short stories. I could give some philosophical explanation as to why I made this change. However, the real reason is I just find it makes the...

Together In Isolation

This week I attended my sister’s funeral service.  It had been quite a challenge to organise, made more difficult with all the restrictions in place because of Covid 19.  We had planned a church service, where we expected quite a number to attend, followed by a...

Don’t Be Tough, Be Wooly

What a crazy couple of weeks! It was just 3 weeks ago that I wrote my blog about our perspective when looking at the coronavirus. Now it seems that I could have been accused of playing the whole scenario down. This week saw a catalogue of closures and increased...

Let’s Talk About Periods

 Periods. I can’t say I have ever met someone who enjoys having their monthly period, yet unfortunately, this is something that most women will have to deal with for a good 30-40 years of their life. If you start your period at age 12 and stop menstruating at age 50,...


Coronavirus, is there a more topical subject to blog on at the moment? The ‘pandemic’ that has gripped the world, shut down regions and dominated news stations recently. Reports lead us to believe that the world is coming to an end. Action plans are in place to close...

Mwale’s Story

I remember the first day I met Mwale. He was just 3 years old. His story is such a tragic one and yet my abiding memory of this young man is his infectious smile.Mwale was the last born child of a family living in the Kankoyo district of Mufulira, Zambia. His older...

In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

This weekend we heard the tragic news of Caroline Flack’s suicide. Tributes have flooded in from various news outlets and across social media. It really shows that a lot of people did care about her. Sadly, she will never see these posts, she will never see the care...

Why We Do What We Do

I started writing this as a sort of therapy for myself, when I feel things going around my head I find it beneficial to get them down on paper, or on screen as the case may be. So, what has been going around my head?  For the purpose of anonymity, I have been...

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