Transforming the lives of young women - simply

In 2018, 300 packets of reusable sanitary wear were distributed to young ladies in Mufulira and Kalulushi as part of a empowering event. In 2019 this was repeated in Kambilombilo and Katabole, and 40 packets were sent to the North Western province of Zambia, Sachibondu, to support a ministry there, working with young girls. 

These packets of 4 reusable pads, washing bags and pants have made a massive difference to the lives and education of many young girls and we have been overwhelmed by the feedback. 

Over the next 8 months we aim to reach 8 secondary schools.  Two of the schools, Murundu and Mokambo border The Democratic Republic of Congo, three others are semi rural secondary schools, girls have to walk a very long distance access them. The rest are in Mufulira and the neighbouring townships. We plan to reach every secondary age girl in each of these schools. Total number of girls we intend to reach in the next 8 months is 3600.  

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