William Butler Yeats said “Education is not filling a pail but lighting a fire” Imagine the power to change individuals, families, communities and nations simply by opening the door to further and higher education and training.

‘Education for all’ is at the heart of CiCA’s mission.  Our belief is that access to education is the key to opening doors, creating hope and breaking the cycle of poverty that has afflicted generations.

In addition to our sponsorship programme we raise funds year by year to enable children to go to school, and to progress from  school to further and higher education and training.

In 2019 we have raised funds for 83 young people, in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya to be in school.  In addition we have seen a handful of students graduate from nursing, teaching and technical training, and continued to sponsor more towards their life goals and into productive and gainful employment.

Will you partner with CiCA UK as we aim to transform the opportunities and outcomes for a generation of young people?

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CiCA UK deducts 5% from every donation to cover essential admin costs including the transfer of funds to Africa, where Gift Aid reclaims are made we allocate the refunds to the general fund to further the general aims and objectives of the charity.