The Next Generation

Opening Doors, Creating Hope

Child Sponsorship

Education is the heart of our mission and is the number one strategy for breaking the cycle of poverty that holds families in it’s grip for generations.

Through child sponsorship we are able to support children for the long haul through their school career.

Typically £30 ($40) per month will ensure a child has access to education. It will also support the family, providing food and other essentials.


For those who do not have a long term sponsor, we raise funds to provide annual bursaries to cover the costs of their schooling.  We currently support 70 children in Zambia, 16 in Kenya and 6 in Zimbabwe.

School fee bursaries are a great way to maximise the power of investment and to open doors and create hope for children who would otherwise face insurmountable challenges.

Higher Education

Once a child has completed their school education we are also able to offer opportunities to some for higher education and training; empowering young people to take control of their lives and to impact the lives of their families.

We offer opportunities for full or part sponsorship of specific young people on specific courses.  We can also receive gifts into a bursary fund from which we can make grants to students on our waiting list.

The costs of each course vary greatly but a good example would be a nursing diploma, with tuition costing in the region of £1,000 ($1,300) per year for a three year course.

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