The Honour Project

Regarding the Elderly

Our ‘Honour’ project is focussed on the needs of elderly and infirm people.  We have seen the need for immediate emergency assistance as well as a strategy for longer term solutions for accommodation and upkeep for people in the later stages of life. A number of elderly people we have met are destitute, unable to pay their rent or provide for themselves. We can play our part in not only helping them to survive but to thrive and to make plans for a sustainable future through small subsistence projects.


With our partners in Zambia we recently acquired a plot of land, that has been cleared and made ready for the construction of a six roomed community house, designed to give elderly people the dignity of safe and secure accommodation and also the benefits of living in community.  There will be enough space for some subsistence farming and rearing of animals.

In the meantime we have started a sponsorship scheme to meet the immediate needs of particular individuals and couples.

If you can help with sponsorship of elderly people, or in the longer term building project, please get in touch.

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